Work with USA High School Students On Building A Mars Lander

Get Involved in Mars Society “Red Eagle” Student Contest to Design Mars Lander Students and from the Barboza Space Center will support other teams that want to try for this new international competition.  Write your letter for possible collaboration and send it to Barboza Space Center (  Attention Bob Barboza. What do I need to […]

Japan Puerto Rico Needs Your Help

  The Lights On Puerto Rico Project We are calling on students, teachers, musicians and music lovers to join us on the making of the theme song “Lights On Puerto Rico”.  This is a not for profit project to help students on  the island of Puerto Rico.   Our goal is to insure that we […]

Calculus Help Needed

The teachers at the Barboza Space Center are looking for fun space math projects using calculus.  We are teaching teams of high school students that are training to become Jr. astronauts, scientists and engineers.   Our students have labtop computers and scientific calculators.   Some of our students will be using slide rulers.  Here is […]

What robot should I take to Mars?

Definitive DesignView All Design What the faces of our robots tell us about ourselves Updated 12th May 2017 VIEW GALLERY 10 Pictures What the faces of our robots tell us about ourselves SHARE Written by By Nick Glass, CNNLondon My first encounter at “Robots,” a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London, was with […]

How can Japan help Puerto Rico?

Troubled By Flint Water Crisis, 11-Year-Old Girl Invents Lead-Detecting Device October 20, 20173:35 PM ET LAUREL WAMSLEY Twitter Gitanjali Rao, 11, says she was appalled by the drinking water crisis in Flint, Mich. — so she designed a device to test for lead faster. She was named “America’s Top Young Scientist” on Tuesday at the […]